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Deadpool 2 Mocks Marvel Studios' Avengers Marketing in New Video

Deadpool 2 Mocks Marvel Studios' Avengers Marketing in New Video

There's something very emotional about Deadpool 2 that I think Deadpool hit at its core pretty well, but probably not as well as the sequel does. This week, they showed up to the premiere of Reynolds' new movie, "Deadpool 2", together and not only was Lively right there by her husband's side, but she was also dressed in homage to his foul-mouthed superhero character.

Marvel has been celebrating the milestone all year, but Deadpool is just getting into the festivities by honouring himself. Deadpool 2's plot, while familiar in a way, is much more coherent, unpredictable, and overall more engaging and satisfying. Reynolds is the embodiment of the Deadpool character.

So, the next time we see Deadpool is unlikely to be in a Deadpool 3 film per se, but an ensemble movie instead? "But here we are with actual actors, a moderate special effects budget and several low-level X-Men". It's essentially Family Guy syndrome - constantly referencing something doesn't necessarily make it amusing, a notion the film unfortunately never grasps. One by one, Deadpool's appendages turn to noodles, and yet, he persists. The goal, protect the young mutant before things get infinitely worse.

More importantly, her powers (at least in the first film) were indispensable to Deadpool's victory, so he didn't have much of a choice in waiting on her (despite sarcastically commenting upon it in the process).

A couple of uncredited cameos are delightful surprises and Beetz has a blast exploiting her acrobatic heroine's superpower: endless good fortune.

Tomorrow's blockbuster sequel marks something of a new beginning for DP, too, given he's about to share the screen with such big-name heroes like Domino, Cable, Bedlam, and Shatterstar - not to mention all those characters from the first Deadpool movie. And honestly, it wasn't really hard - considering the self-referential nature of the beast - to form a theory as to where Deadpool 2 would take the Merc with the Mouth. "John Wick" and "Atomic Blonde" director David Leitch clearly understands the rhythm and graph of the Deadpool character. Now, this is not an Avengers film. The film, honestly, feels like you're taking a ride on your favorite roller coaster, only to find out as you're strapping in that they've sped it up and added some extra loops. "Oops!" that's when you realize that the film's plotting and tone is sometimes at war with some of its more sentimental ideas. First, this is not for kids folks, do not make that mistake.

Yes, this film is rated R for a reason.

Also, the film has one of the funniest post credits scenes in superhero movies, so be sure to stick around untill the very end. Busts of laughter pepper the film's landscape like mines.

In case you missed it, here's the trailer.

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