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Kim Kardashian and Appetite-Suppressing Lollipops: An Intense Saga

Kim Kardashian and Appetite-Suppressing Lollipops: An Intense Saga

Kim Kardashian's body has made many people jealous, no matter the age, but with impressionable young minds, it could be conceived as toxic, because, in a way, she is saying "to get my body, just use these suckers", and that is clearly not the case.

Jenner has been known to congratulate her daughters on new babies or celebrate birthdays with candies like a special cake from the family's favorite L.A. bakery, Hansen's Cakes, but it looks like this time around she wanted to prove a point.

"My babies", read the caption on the picture of the pair having a bath.

She added: 'I swear to God if I see one more picture of a woman's a**, I'm going to scream.' But who is Jameela Jamil?

"Their attractive smiling faces - you must be so proud", wrote another.

Many commented that it was inappropriate to share such an image of her children on Instagram to hear 111million followers.

The sponsored post referred to the lollipops as "literally unreal" and promised 15 percent off to the first 500 people who purchased them from the company that makes them, Flat Tummy Co. "Kim took second", the US Federal Trade Commission posted to their site, sparking a conversation around undisclosed celebrity and influencer paid posts on social media and leading to the advent of the #ad era.

Although being told that she may never walk again, with steroid treatment and physiotherapy, Jameela recovered and went on to teach English to foreign students before becoming a model, photographer and fashion scout for Model Management Limited.

"You people disgust me", someone responded.

Kim is known for sharing pictures of her children to social media, even though she previously admitted to fans that taking a picture with all of her kids took a lot of work.

The mother-of-three has been accused of irresponsibly promoting an "appetite suppressant" lollipop - which has left fans really upset.

Since the controversy blew up, the post was "mistakenly" taken down by Instagram.

How many selfies have you taken today?

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