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Offset Hospitalized Following Car Crash In Atlanta

Offset Hospitalized Following Car Crash In Atlanta

The story is still a bit sketchy, however, Offset is in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital and Cardi B is by his side. He later went to the hospital and said that he suffered from injuries to his face, neck, back and his body.

Offset has since been released and is expected to be OK, however, based on photos from the crash scene, his auto won't be, because it looks like it was TOTALED.

At press time it has yet to be disclosed whether or not anyone else was involved in the rapper's collision, but for whatever reason no emergency workers were called to the scene of the accident and there was no accident report filed to insurance or anyone else.

We're so glad he's OK! Once you're in your vehicle, you don't really need to get back out to beat up a guy who is actively saying: if you beat me up I will take all your money. The auto was seen being towed away afterwards.

The reveal came just a day after the "Bartier Cardi" rapper, 25, let the secret slip while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the 2018 Met Gala in New York City, despite having previously remained tight-lipped regarding her pregnancy and the baby's gender. The site lists a Cardi B poster for $100 that it says the rapper signed.

"Shorty weighs three and a half pounds", Cardi revealed. "She do weigh three and a half pounds".

"That's pretty good for seven months, right?" she asked those assembled in her hotel room before the gala.

She admitted to shouting 'F*** Cardi, you ain't sh**!' after the star allegedly ignored her.

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