PUBG Brings Back Limited-Time Event Know As Ghillie Crossing

The support team behind PUBG has engaged in every possible way to ensure that the game works effectively for all. The team is also making sure that the games on all its existing platforms without any disruption. Rumors have been spreading that pretty soon Bluehole Studio will unleash the Sanhok map to Xbox One. Ghillie Crossing has remained the favorite limited-time event for players and the publishing franchise is doing everything to bring this feature back.

This will help gamers to be fully engaged in the PUBG game platform, time and time again. If you have to look for the right time to enjoy the game again like before or planning to experience the first-time touch, then give this PUBG game a try now. It is important to mention that Ghillie Crossing can now be accessible live. Just like any restricted offer, Ghillie Crossing will not last forever in circulation. The actual date for Ghillie Crossing to become available commences on September 2.

Do you really understand how Ghillie Crossing works? PUBG will limit throwables, melee weapons and gear to cross except for grenades. Normal gear will work effectively with the content of the Ghillie suits to provide you with rewards. These incentives will help gamers apply focused approaches during combat. Some the things you can anticipate in the content of the Ghillie Crossing may include four-man squads on Erangel, SA/OC/SEA/JP/KR: TPP, AS/EU/NA: FPP & TPP.

It will also come with some operating rules. There will not be any vehicles spawn or Ghillie Suits spawning alongside other global loot. The first secured area will always be established around the middle of the map because of no presence of vehicles. It will eventually reduce to random normal flow. As the endgame approaches, the blue zone damage will increase drastically. The globe’s spawn weapons include only throwable, melee, crossbows with the exception of grenades.

Some other regulations in the operation of Ghillie Crossing are friendly fire is disabled, killer spectating disabled, care packages disabled, red zones disabled, whether remains stormy and four-person squads only. It is true that the bringing back Ghillie Crossing to the PUBG game will interest gamers. Nevertheless, these same players will also mention that some tweaks need to be done on the game for a smooth operation.


The franchise of the game knows about any complaint that fans may be insinuating. This is because the official page of the company comes handy for fixing problems. Fans will always have to wait for the company to provide information on any fix they have resolved. To help gamers enjoy the system until any fixing solution is provided, the Ghillie Crossing remains a big gift.

PUBG has been dedicated to ensuring that the reintroduction of Ghillie Crossing event into the game. At first, you may think this feature is not effective or useful. However, after discovering the benefits of Ghillie Cross, your love for the game will increase for sure. Get your PUBG game today and enjoy the advantage of the Ghillie Crossing.

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